Elevate Your Programs

The twenty-first-century economy is a learning economy. Nimble businesses have to upskill employees and support their education in order to keep pace with technological change and take advantage of emerging opportunities. AEC recognizes quality teaching and training wherever it happens, and connects working and military learners to education and career pathways through college credits, workplace competencies, and badges. Find out how to connect your quality training and education with accredited academic programs and build a talent pipeline to support your operations.

Grant Credit for Prior Learning

Adult and working learners are a large and growing population looking for educational opportunities, and they retain and graduate at higher rates when offered credit for their prior learning. Learn more about how colleges and universities are connecting AEC recommendations to their degree programs to support adult and military learners with their educational goals. 

Put Your Learning to Work

Obtain college credit for military or workplace training and experience and request a transcript to document your learning. Find out more about courses, credits, and competencies you can earn.

Join AEC’s Evaluations Team

AEC’s learning evaluations rely on experienced, expert faculty to review and make recommendations for college credits and competencies. Learn more about our evaluation teams and how you can help.