​​​​​​​​Colleges and universities have long sought partnerships with institutions around the globe to facilitate student exchanges, faculty research collaborations, and other activities. As part of efforts to advance comprehensive internationalization, many institutions are seeking to become more strategic in identifying international partners and cultivating multifaceted relationships that grow over time and advance broad institutional goals. AEC’s research and insights on global partnerships explore policies, key issues and challenges, and good practices for strategic planning and implementation of successful collaborations.


Reports and Publications

U.S. Higher Education: A Brief Guide

This guide provides the most important information non-U.S. institutions need in order to pursue and develop successful partnerships with U.S. colleges and universities.

U.K.-U.S. Higher Education Partnerships: Firm Foundations and Promising Pathways

The United Kingdom (U.K.) and the United States (U.S.) share a common history, deep cultural connections, and a generally positive relationship that serve as a basis for strong academic ties. 

U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Engagement: Current Activities, Future Directions

This report examines the depth of higher education connections between the U.S. and Mexico.