​With AEC’s recommendations, employers and training providers can:

  • Recruit and retain personnel by providing greater access to higher education.
  • Help service members transition to successful civilian careers.
  • Offer students pursuing higher education a flexible and portable transfer of credits.
  • Document workplace-relevant competencies developed by employees and track talent development.
  • Build partnerships and pathways through digital credentialing programs.
  • Affirm the value and quality of their training through AEC’s rigorous evaluations and credit or competency recommendations.

Learning Evaluation helps learners document their skills and gain access to academic credit for formal training taken outside of traditional colleges. AEC works with the military, government clients, general education providers, and the business world to evaluate military training, corporate courses, certificates, exams, and on-the-job training. Our reviews are conducted by subject-matter expert faculty from colleges and universities who teach in related academic areas. The review team analyzes materials, validates learning outcomes and competencies, and recommends postsecondary credit based on its findings.


Military Evaluations

The American  Education’s Council Military Evaluations provides a critical link between the U.S. Department of Defense and higher education to help our nation’s service members and veterans gain access to higher education. 

CREDIT Evaluations

​AEC’s CREDIT® Evaluations review corporate trainings and exams, apprenticeships, certifications, alternative general education programs, and other nontraditional education experiences. Programs designed to help learners use their skills to access higher education and new employment opportunities can qualify for credit recommendations and validated competencies documented through digital credentials.