​​​​​​​​​Every year, more and more students come to college with prior learning under their belts, looking for opportunities to make progress towards their degrees by applying work they’ve already done and abilities they’ve already developed. Colleges and universities have an opportunity to recruit these students and support their success by granting credit for prior learning as part of meaningful pathways to completion.

Learning Evaluation does the hard work of assessing the quality and equivalency of nontraditional experiences. AEC’s recommendations are intended to guide institutional decisions about the award of credit. While they are best utilized as part of an integrated program of nontraditional student support, any institution can use the information provided as part of the development of a credit for prior learning (CPL) program or for individual decisions about transfer credit for incoming students. We encourage you to explore the resources below and reach out to us through the Student Resource Center​​​​​​​ if you need help.



Understanding AEC Recommendations

​If you’ve received an AEC Working Transcript or a Joint Services Transcript, learn more about how to interpret and apply the recommendations to your programs and courses.