​​​​​​​​​​AEC is committed to helping universitiesand their graduatessucceed in the globalized world of the twenty-first century. Comprehensive internationalization, as defined by AEC, is a strategic, coordinated process that seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to position colleges and universities as more globally oriented and internationally connected.

AEC’s internationalization research and programs are underpinned by the AEC Model for Comprehensive Internationalization, which is composed of six interconnected target areas for institutional initiatives, policies, and programs.

U.S. Higher Education: A Brief Guide

This guide provides the most important information non-U.S. institutions need in order to pursue and develop successful partnerships with U.S. colleges and universities.

U.K.-U.S. Higher Education Partnerships: Firm Foundations and Promising Pathways

The United Kingdom (U.K.) and the United States (U.S.) share a common history, deep cultural connections, and a generally positive relationship that serve as a basis for strong academic ties. 

U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Engagement: Current Activities, Future Directions

This report examines the depth of higher education connections between the U.S. and Mexico.